Can I bring my dog?

Yes, dogs are welcome! The dog should not be afraight of heights. Some parts may be too high for smaller dogs, then the dog would have to be carried.


At what age are children allowed in the gorge?

Basically, there is no age restriction. For children from 4 years old the gorge can be hiked through with a little help.


Is the gorge suitable for strollers?

No, due to the pathway the gorge is not suitable for strollers. We would be happy to keep your stroller at the cash desk in the meanwhile.


Is the gorge suitable for wheelchair users?

No, due to the pathway the gorge is not suitable for wheelchairs.


How long does the circular hike take?

The entire loop takes 1.5 to 2 hours.


Can I go back down the gorge?

No, the gorge can only be walked in one direction.


What do I do in case of emergency in the gorge?

There is an emergency exit approximately in the middle of the gorge. The most important emergency numbers are in our brochures, which you can get at the entrance.


What equipment / clothes do I need in the gorge?

Sturdy shoes are necessary. The pathway can be wet and slippery.


How do I behave in the gorge?

Basically, it is important to stay on the path throughout the gorge. Swimming in the entire gorge is prohibited. Since Alpen Adria Trail hikers come from above, reversing in the gorge is also  not allowed.



We arrive as a group by bus. Are there any parking spaces for the bus?

Yes, we have three parking spaces available.


Where can I park my car?

On one of our three parking spaces directly at the entrance to the gorge.


What is the best way to get to the Groppenstein Gorge by train or bus?

The Postbus runs regularly from Spittal / Drau to Winklern and stops at the Obervellach Raufen / Groppensteinschlucht stop. There is also the option of traveling with the hiking bus that runs the Ankogel - Mallnitz - Obervellach - Mölltaler Glacier route. The current bus schedule can be find here.


Are there toilets on site?

Yes, there is a toilet facility in the entrance area (toll tower).


Is there a restaurant nearby?

Almgasthof Himmelbauer is 1-1.5 hours away on foot from the end of the gorge. At the entrance to the gorge is Dorlis snack station.





Can the gorge be visited in any weather?

No, the gorge remains closed in bad weather and heavy rain.


How much is the entry?

Our admission prices are as follows:

Adults: 9 euros / children: 6 euros

(Entry is free with the KärntenCard)


Are there group discounts?

Yes, there are group discounts for 15 or more people.

Group of adults: 6 euros per person

Group of children: 4 euros per person


What discounts are there?

Entry is free with the KärntenCard! There are discounts for students, seniors and Alpine Club members. Children under 6 years are free.


Can I pay by card at the cash desk?

Yes, we accept Debit and Credit Card (Visa, American Express and Master Card).


Do I have to make a reservation?

No, a reservation is not necessary.


When is the gorge open?

From mid-May to late October (depending on the weather). If you are unclear about the exact opening times, simply call or write to us!


I have suggestions, complaints or further questions? What is the best way to contact you?

You can reach us both by email and by phone.

Tel: +4782 32122 / Mail:


Do you have any souvenirs form the gorge?

Yes, we have magnets, postcards, stick needles, etc.


Are there any special requirements regarding COVID-19? What do I have to consider?

The safety distance of 1.5 meters should still be maintained. We provide disinfection options both at the entrance and on the toilets. Find more information about the current regulations in Austria here: