MAGIC OF THE NIGHT - guided tour through the illuminated gorge

The Groppenstein Gorge captivates by day and night. The illumination of the gorge highlights certain rock and wall formations as well as ravines and waterfalls, roots, trees and lichen – accents of light. At the same time, people’s perception is heightened in the darkness – the roaring, crashing and sometimes babbling of the water is also more intense than in the day. The few stars which can be seen through the cut-out section of the gorge appear further away than usual.

Every Tuesday  (June 25th – October 1st 2024)

Friday,   July 19th &   August 9th 2024

Meeting point:   

Mautturm / entrance of the Groppenstein gorge


Start / duration: 

at 9 pm (from September 3rd at 8pm)

approx. 3 hours (1.5 hours walking time), 250m difference in altitude

moderately difficult hike


Price information:    

adult: € 32,– | child: € 21,- (born in 2008 and younger)


Included service:

  • guided night walk through the gorge
  • equipment: headlamp
  • snack and drink from own farm production


Sturdy shoes required, weatherproof clothing, daypack with a drink, event. walking sticks.


Language: german, english


Suitable for: children from 8 years. Dogs are welcome.


The Groppenstein Gorge offers much more than just a spectacular trail through the gorge:
the mysteries of nature can be experienced with all the senses with the concept of ‘Senses.Gorge’. This spectacular guided night-time walk with mountain walking guides leads through the mystical gorge at night and all its attractions – waterfalls, swirls and bottlenecks – all beautifully lit up.

At the entrance to the Groppenstein Gorge, you will receive special equipment (headtorch). The group then sets off for their walk into a night-time ‘wild water’ world of wonder. The deafening crashing of the waterfalls is interspersed with the gentle rustling of the quiet gorge passages. The visual highlights undoubtedly include the magnificent, illuminated waterfalls of the gorge. At the end of the tour, you will leave the gorge and enter a mystical mountain forest. On the way back, a cosy campfire awaits with a snack and drink made from produce from the ‘Ranacher’ farm. The circular walk then leads past the imposing Groppenstein Fortress, which transforms the evening into a ‘magic evening’, and ends at the entrance to the Groppenstein Gorge. 



Registration for the tour is possible until 12:00 p.m. on the day of the event. The tour takes place with at least least 8 participants - max. 30 people



Sylvia Granitzer, Tel.: +43 676 6415 628

Anita Obermoser, Tel. +43664 1619 870 


Payment / Storno: Payment in cash at the mountain hiking guide Mr. Reinhard Lassnig, or in advance by bank transfer. Free cancellation up to 1 day (12:00 p.m.) before the event. In the event of non-participation, 90% of the total amount.


The condition of the gorge can also change at any time due to unforeseen natural events at short notice. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the feasibility of the advertised night hike. Your safety comes first, so we ask you to bear in mind that your local mountain guide may decide to cancel the night hike due to bad weather, among other reasons. Thank you for your understanding. We reserve the right to change the program in case of bad weather.

Information regarding feasibility can be obtained from Mrs. Sylvia Granitzer, Tel. +43 676 6415 628 or Mrs. Anita Obermoser, Tel. +43664 1619 870 



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