Guided Walk through the illuminated Gorge

The Groppensteinschlucht gorge captures both by day and by night. The illumination of the gorge  highlights special rock formations of rocks, ravines and waterfalls, roots, trees, lichens - accents of light. At the same time, people's perception is sharpened in the dark - the roar of the water is perceived more intensely than during the day. Take part of an amazing night walk through the illuminated gorge!

every Tuesday

(28. june – 27. september 2022)


Secret of Nature & Mystery

The Groppenstein Gorge: Wild waters have shaped it into a wonder of nature over thousands of years - and into a very special place. On the arduous route over the Tauern, which has already been taken by wine presses, Romans, gold diggers and hem merchants. Even if safe walkways facilitate the path through the gorge, which used to be so dangerous, the history of long-forgotten times still is still noticeable. This fascinating adventure hike is guided by our mountain guide Reinhard and the herbal pedagogue Hana, both will introduce you to the mysticism of the Groppenstein Gorge!